Elon Musk Promises Tesla Cybertruck Deliveries Next Year

At the Cyber Rodeo event celebrating the opening of Tesla's new Austin factory, Elon Musk and designer Franz von Holzhausen showed off the latest iteration of the Cybertruck.

tesla cybertruck

When it was first revealed in November 2019, Tesla said its wild Cybertruck would begin production in 2021. But as has become standard operating procedure at Tesla, the truck was delayed—first to 2022, and then in an earnings call this past January, CEO Elon Musk said production would "hopefully next year." Last night, at Tesla's Cyber Rodeo event celebrating the opening of its new Austin factory, Musk promised deliveries would begin next year.

"We can't wait to build this here and deliver them to you," Musk said. "Sorry for the delay, it's been an intense couple of years, but we're going to have this for you next year, and it's going to be great. And it's going to be one kick-ass product after another, starting next year, some cool stuff we haven't even talked about."

Musk and designer Franz von Holzhausen showed off an updated Cybertruck prototype on stage at the event. Unlike the first version of the truck shown, the Cybertruck now has conventional rearview mirrors, an enormous windshield wiper, and what appeared to be headlights mounted below the front bodywork. The reveal Cybertruck just had a light strip where the hood met the front bumper. Conspicuously absent on the new Cybertruck were door handles.

"Who needs handles? The car can tell that you're there, and it knows that it needs to open," Musk said.

Originally, the Cybertruck deliveries were set to begin with a single-motor rear-drive version, with dual- and tri-motor all-wheel-drive iterations following later. Tesla hasn't said whether or not this is still the plan. On the page where customers can place a $100 refundable deposit for the Cybertruck, no further information on specs and delivery is offered. Tesla originally said the price for the base, rear-drive Cybertruck would be just under $40,000, with the dual-motor set at just under $50,000, and the tri-motor priced at just under $70,000.

In the years since the Cybertruck has launched, two electric pickups have begun production—the Rivian R1T and GMC Hummer EV, though it should be noted that both are far more expensive than the promised base price for the Cybertruck. Ford has said F-150 Lightning deliveries are set to begin sometime within the next few months, and with a sub-$40,000 base price, it's arguably the closest rival to the Cybertruck. Chevrolet has also shown off its upcoming Silverado EV, promising a production start of Spring 2023, while Ram says its electric pickup will arrive by 2024.

Tesla may have revealed the Cybertruck before all these trucks bar the Rivian, but by the time it hits production, it'll join a crowded segment.

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