Someone Rebuilt the Crushed Saleen Mustang From 2Fast 2Furious

Not even the weight of a semi truck could stop this movie Mustang from being revived.

Anyone who's seen 2Fast 2Furious will remember the highway race that takes place early in the film. Main characters Roman Pearce and Brian O'Connor are tasked with recovering a package from a Ferrari in an impound lot, but have to fend off competition in the form of some seriously equipped sports cars. The red Saleen Mustang was perhaps the coolest of all, and it has one seriously interesting backstory.

Craig Lieberman, a senior producer for the film, breaks down the story of how the Saleen Mustang made it to the big screen in his latest YouTube video. The head producers were looking to add more American muscle to the mix, so Lieberman reached out Steve Saleen to provide a car: an S281 painted in Liz Stick Red. Because this car had such an extensive role, the crew built five stunt cars in total.

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Amazingly, most of the Mustangs are still around, according to Lieberman. The hero car supplied by Saleen popped up for sale in Las Vegas in 2011, and still resides in the area. The stunt car that was crushed was, shockingly, rebuilt by a man with his own bodyshop before being sold at Barrett-Jackson in 2004. Another stunt car is owned by Nick Yelovich on Instagram, who maintains it as a show car. Finally, one of the camera cars was sold to a buyer in Virginia, who gave it a supercharger. Lieberman doesn't know anything about the last two cars, but believes they're still around in some capacity.

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