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Deal Alert: This Portable Tire Inflator Is Nearly 40% Off Right Now

To make sure your tires are up to pressure, this is a great tool to add to your vehicle emergency kit.

portable tire inflator

There are many things that should be kept in your vehicle as part of an emergency kit: extra light bulbs, a breaker bar, a quart of oil, a spare Twinkie, and so on. But we think adding a portable tire inflator is a smart addition as well. Maybe you run over a stray nail and develop a slow leak—an inflator can get you to a tire shop before you need to call a tow truck.

Portable Tire Inflator
$42.49 (39% off)

This particular tire inflator is a fantastic candidate for that situation—and is now on sale for just under 40 percent off. Originally listed for $70 and discounted down to $42, this inflator also has a 4.5-star rating on Amazon with over 600 reviews.


The specs are impressive too. RYSEAB claims the inflator can provide a maximum pressure of 150 psi and that it will fully inflate a flat tire to 36 psi in just five minutes. And you can forget power wires—this 1.59-pound little gadget features a rechargeable 6000-mAh battery. The company claims that it'll fully inflate a passenger tire four times on a single charge.

The LCD screen displays four different pressure measurement units and includes an automatic shut-off function to prevent overfilling. And as if the inflating power isn't impressive enough, the device features a built-in LED flashlight as a bonus.

Looking at customer review videos, we noticed the inflator appears quite loud and dances all over the place while inflating. This might be startling to some people, so just keep that in mind. But for the sheer portability, ease of use, and power, this sounds like a rock-solid product. And at a price this good, it's hard to pass up.

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