Genesis Plans to Be Fully Electric by 2025

The company plans to introduce only battery EVs and fuel cell EVs by 2025, become a zero emission brand by 2030, and become carbon neutral by 2035.

genesis future lineup preview

The electrification of the premium car is happening very quickly. Jaguar and Audi have already committed to an all-electric near future, and today they were joined by Genesis, who has outlined its plans for the next ten years in a video showcasing the both the GV60 that will debut the company's all-electric lineup and a vision for the brand that will be built around it.

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The timeline is ambitious, but it fits with what Jaguar and Audi have already announced. By 2025, the brand plans to introduce only new battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles. By 2030, it will become a zero emissions company by completing the phase-out of all its internal combustion projects. By 2035, the brand plans to be carbon neutral.

That new push will mean a lot of new electric projects. Eight were teased in the image above: Four sizes of crossover, two traditional sedans, one long coupe that could be the four-door with reversed rear doors shown in the video and, crucially, the Genesis X concept car that was premiered at the end of March. The Genesis X was also featured in its current form in a conversation about the company's design language, so it is clearly not forgotten by the company. It would be a fitting halo car for a brand that has struggled to differentiate its strong full range of cars and crossovers without a standout high-performance option.

The electric era of Genesis will be fully underway by 2025, but it starts with an electric version of the G80 and the all-electric GV60 small crossover. That car is produced on the E-GMP global platform also used underneath the Kia EV6 and Hyundai Ioniq 5 and will be available next year.

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