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The Genesis X Concept Is an Elegant All-Electric Grand Tourer

The X mixes Genesis's stunning design formula into a well-proportioned cruiser. And it's all-electric.

Genesis revealed a new concept car on Tuesday night, and it's a stunner. Dubbed the Genesis X, it's a two-door four-seat GT car that pairs elegant proportions with the company's corporate design scheme.

Like most new concepts, the Genesis X is fully electric. The company doesn't go into detail regarding the powertrain, but says the "two-line" theme presented throughout the car will become the backbone of Genesis's future EV lineup.

In truth, the Genesis X looks like a prettier version of the company's current lineup of cars. It uses the same pentagon-shaped grille and the same double-stacked headlight design. Of course, the proportions are more striking, and there are two fewer doors. The fenders are sculpted into more performance-oriented shapes, giving a sense of speed and capability no current Genesis model can match. It looks fantastic.

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"The Genesis X Concept can be described as the ultimate vision of Athletic Elegance, the inherent design language of Genesis," said head of Genesis Global Design SangYup Lee said in a statement. "The signature Two Lines theme and sustainable luxury will be blueprints for the futuristic designs and state-of-the-art technologies that Genesis seeks to adopt in its future models."

Inside, you'll find a driver-oriented cockpit with four bucket seats. Genesis says the leather used in the seatbelts, parts of the steering wheel, and the airbag cover were assembled using leftover pieces from previous manufacturing processes. Things like the heating, ventilation, and A/C are controlled via what the company calls a "Free-Form" display in the center of the dash.

There's no telling at this time whether Genesis intends to put the X into production. Considering its concept-like body lines and a lack of powertrain details, we predict the company is simply using it as a showcase to display what its future models will look like. Though if it does generate enough interest, Genesis could give it the green light. We've seen it done before.

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