The Toyota Supra Is Almost Definitely Getting a Manual

A source at Toyota suggested to Road & Track that the recent leaks have merit.

toyota supra
DW Burnett

It finally looks like it's going to happen. The Toyota Supra, bemoaned since launch for being automatic-only, could be getting a manual.

Leaks have long hinted that a manual version of the Supra was inbound. But recent leaks have moved beyond rumors, with alleged official documentation on the car posted to image-sharing platform Imgur. According to the photos, a manual transmission will be offered for 2023 on the six-cylinder Supra.

Toyota does not comment on rumors and speculation regarding future products. However, a source at Toyota with knowledge of upcoming plans hinted to Road & Track that the rumor had merit. Without addressing the specifics of this leak, the insider reminded us that low-volume models need to evolve to stay relevant. If you ask us, the addition of a manual would certainly constitute a welcome evolution of the Supra.

If the leak is to be believed, the manual Supra should be announced on April 28, enter production in July, and go on sale in October. A four-cylinder manual does not seem to be on the menu, at least for now. But that could change eventually. After all, models have to evolve to stay relevant.

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