It's Official: The Toyota Supra Is Getting a Manual Transmission

The one thing enthusiasts have been asking for is finally becoming reality.

toyota supra manual transmission official

The current Toyota Supra is a neat car, but in our eyes, it was always missing one crucial element: an optional manual transmission. Well, after years of purists voicing their opinion, Toyota has finally caved: The Supra will now officially be offered with a manual gearbox.

The company released a short press release showing off the manual Supra's pedal box, giving us a good look at the clutch. The current Supra is essentially a BMW underneath, so it's no surprise to see the BMW-esque pedal shapes and floor-hinged accelerator pedal—a staple of most new BMWs. Toyota says the transmission is "tailor-made" for the car, suggesting it isn't just a parts-bin six-speed taken out of a BMW, but rather a bespoke gearbox developed specifically for the Supra.

Toyota also released an image showing off the rear of the car, which now features a red "Supra" badge. Red badges will only come on Supras with manual transmissions, according to the brand. That means you'll be able to identify which gearbox a Supra has just by looking at its rear end.

toyota supra manual official

We've been expecting Toyota to unveil a manual Supra for some time now. Towards the beginning of March, the possibility of a three-pedal Supra was essentially confirmed when leaked documents were published online. If that information is to be believed, we should see an official reveal on April 28, 2022, with production starting in July. Though manual trim levels have not been confirmed, Toyota is expected to offer the stick only with six-cylinder models, leaving the cheaper four-cylinder Supra automatic-only. We'll know more once the car gets its official debut.

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