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Deal Alert: This Capable Rooftop Cargo Solution Is Just $20

Just in time for moving day or a run to the hardware store, check out this remarkable deal on an inexpensive, short-term solution to carrying cargo on the roof of your car or SUV.

reese crossbar luggage rack

You never know when you're going to need to move a mattress, haul a ladder, or lug a bundle of eight-foot two-by-fours home from the hardware store. Solve that issue before it ever becomes a problem with these plain, round 48-inch crossbars. They clamp to the existing raised side rails of your car or SUV, providing an easy place to strap down cargo, kayaks, or other large items. And they're only 20 bucks.

You read that right. Normally $61, Walmart has this pair of Reese Carry Power U-Venture Rooftop Crossbars for just $20 right now. They're an ideal solution for any car or SUV owner who hasn't yet decided on a permanent roof-rack situation.

Carry Power U-Venture 48" Cross Bars

If you've recently purchased a vehicle with rooftop side rails but haven't yet decided if you want a roof rack, cargo box, or just what you want to do up there, these cheap crossbars make for a great short-term solution. If you've got a kayak or canoe you never use because you've got no way to get it to the water—problem solved! And they're ideal for moving days, dump runs, or hauling large boxes of kids toys home from the store.

Just to clarify: If we were taking a long road trip, we wouldn't trust our family's luggage strapped to these simple, round steel crossbars. That said, as a temporary solution for local hauling? They're an undeniably decent option. You won't have to rent a truck for a day, you won't have to hit up a buddy with a pickup for help—and did we mention they only cost 20 bucks?

The steel construction of these rooftop crossbars has a maximum weight capacity of 110 pounds, but that's plenty for most loads. The foot design easily clamps to existing raised side rails, and they also include a tamper-resistant lock and key. All hardware is included.

Oh, and please—no ropes unless absolutely necessary. We're all adults here. Pick up a good set of ratchet straps instead.

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