The Next Alfa Romeo Giulia Will Be Fully Electric

One of the best-driving sedans on sale today will live on as an EV.

alfa romeo giulia quadrifoglio
DW Burnett/Puppyknuckles

The Alfa Romeo Giulia is one of the best-driving sedans on the market right now. But because of its aging platform and the public's overwhelming lust for crossovers and SUVs, its future has been in question for some time. There's no need to worry any longer though, as CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato confirmed on Monday the Giulia will live on as an EV.

"We are not abandoning the Giulia," Imparato said to journalists, according to Automotive News Europe, during a factory tour Italy on Monday. "There will be a future Giulia, and it will be an electric-only model."

Imparato didn't expand on what sort of electric powertrain the next Giulia might have or when it would debut. Seeing as how the current Giulia first stepped onto the stage in 2015, we're expecting a new version sooner rather than later. Whether there will be a high-performance Quadrifoglio variant has yet to be determined.

An all-electric Giulia isn't the only new product Alfa has in store. Imparato told journalists it plans to launch a fully electric SUV to slot above its existing Stelvio to act as the brand's new flagship. The vehicle, which has yet to be named, will launch by 2027 and compete against cars such as the X5, Automotive News Europe reports.

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